Welcome to Convoy Logistics

Convoy Logistics is dedicated to providing logistical solutions to our client base of manufacturers, engineers, freight forwarders, suppliers and distributors. Our operations team provides a professional service for all types of loads - from the smallest components, to the transporting or shipping of the largest machinery or plant and equipment.

We have a fleet of dedicated trucks, ranging from 1 ton up to 15 tons, that are available to take any consignment to any destination. Specialized abnormal loads can also be easily arranged on your behalf through our network of experienced operators. We handle break-bulk, load consolidations, full truck loads, containers, tankers, rail, road and sea freight.

Our agents, located throughout South Africa and across the borders, ensure that your consignment is in reliable hands, no matter what the final destination.

Coupled with our expertise in warehousing and supply chain management, Convoy Logistics provides innovative transport solutions that give you the service advantage that you need to transport your goods in the most reliable and cost-efficient way possible.

Convoy Logistics


Abnormal load transportation

Every out-of-gauge transportation requirement is unique and requires knowledge and attention to detail. We make certain that the most secure and appropriate transportation method is provided to satisfy your consignment requirements.

Express and Urgent loads

We offer an express and urgent load service through a fleet of dedicated vehicles. We understand the urgency and priority of these loads and we do our utmost to deliver in the specified period.

Cross border shipping and Customs clearing

We have partnerships with the most effective clearing agents located at the borders who handle both Imports and Exports into and out of South Africa − to / from any other country north of the Limpopo. They are on 24 hours call to deal with any clearing problems at any level.

All customs documents, supplied by the client, are subjected to thorough scrutiny prior to submission because we have found that if we always double and triple check we avoid delivery delays and client frustration. Our clients quickly get the feedback they need to allow them to fix any documentation errors or to respond to any queries that might be raised by customs.

We can also arrange for insurance cover for all consignments / assigned trucks at port of entry for a minimum period of one month through to 12 months.

Abnormal Fleet escorts

With a fleet of more than 20 escort vehicles we are able to provide escort services for all type of abnormal loads. With a team of specialised and experienced drivers we are confident that all your loads reach their destination securely in one piece and with no incidents.

Hazardous loads

These very special hazardous loads are subject to all sorts of legal and transport requirements. We have years of experience in this field and the necessary knowledge and skills to make sure that these hazardous loads are transported securely and delivered safely.

Transport Broker services

We have over 10 years hands-on experience in all areas of the transport industry and have established a network of vastly experienced operators who can handle every type of unique transport requirement that you have. We maintain strict supervision and co-ordination of all consignments on your behalf, whilst ensuring that you get the best possible transport rates and professional service.

Consignment tracking

Every Consignor is always under excessive stress when their cargo or load is in transit. Through our network of agents along the route, we monitor and supervise your load every step of the way until its safe delivery at the final destination - meaning that you are kept up-to-date all the way and can have peace of mind.

Convoy Logistics


  • Give us the details about your load consignment - description, tonnage, loading and delivery destinations, and any special needs, etc.
  • Our logistics team assess and verify the loads' requirements with respect to tonnage and additional services that might be required - such as escort vehicles, permits, security and so on. We value your goods and your time. When we contract to move a load we make sure that we always give solutions to any problems that may arise during transit to the destination.
  • We compile a no-obligation, comprehensive and the most cost-effective quotation for your approval.
  • We make and schedule all necessary arrangements for your load so you do not have to get involved with any of the finer complicated transportation details. The only thing you have to do is organize any insurance for your load - but we can even do that for you.
  • On the moving day we personally monitor the loading of your consignment onto the truck(s) and inspect security and confirm that any other special transport requirements are in place. If appropriate, we check to see that all cross border clearing and customs documentation is available and correct.
  • Through our network of agents along the route, we monitor and supervise your load every step of the way until its safe delivery at the final destination.